Sapna Chaudhary Revealed Her Son’s Unique Name In An Unique Way.

The name of Sapna Choudhary comes in the list of most popular dancer and singer. Sapna has a strong fan following on social media. Fans like his style a lot. He has given one to one hit songs, let us tell you that Sapna has been in limelight for her professional and personal life since last year. Let us tell that today is a very special day for Sapna Chaudhary because today is her son’s first birthday and on this special occasion she has officially announced her son’s name.

Yes, the video shared by Sapna Choudhary on social media is becoming increasingly viral. Sapna’s son is seen playing in this video. Along with this, there is also a voice over in the background in which very beautiful words have been selected, after which Sapna is seen feeding her son with her husband. This video is being particularly liked on social media.

The words spoken in this video are such that ”when a special soul has come to this earth, it has created panic, I am sure you are not common, you are in the common house, but you are not common. The eyes of the world are bad, so not in public. We were a source, you are the red of this soil. You are part of the community that has held from Taimur to Sikandar, that’s why I keep your name “Porus”, congratulations to the whole world on your birthday.”

Sapna Chaudhary has revealed her son’s name after her son turned one year old.

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