Sara Ali Khan Finally Opens Up About The Amrita Singh&-Saif Ali Khan Divorce And How She Dealt With It

Sara Ali Khan has emerged as one of the most talked about Bollywood debutants in history. Her debut with father Saif Ali Khan on Koffee with Karan made her an instant favorite of not just the paps but also the people around. She made everyone her fan with her candid answers and poised nature. She came out as a down to earth star who is no different from any girl next door.


She was very vocal about many things that other actresses would’ve thought a hundred times before addressing them on national TV. She talked about her health problem, PCOD, her excessive weight, 96 kgs, her crush on another Bollywood star, Kartik Aryan, and her wish to marry Ranbir Kapoor. However, another thing that Sara Ali Khan opened up about was her parents divorce.

Recently, she was asked about her parents being separated and how she dealt with it. Sara was prompt to reply that her parents were not happy together, but they are now, individually, which is all that matters for her.

She also added that how she is blessed to have two happy homes rather than two unhappy one. She feels that both of them are cool and bindaas people, but just not together.


She even added that though she will be very happy to work with both of her parents on screen, her mother just not feel working with her though.


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