Sara Ali Khan Talks About Her ‘Last Dinner’ She Had With Saif And Amrita Together Post Divorce

Sara Ali Khan has come out as one of the classiest debutantes in Bollywood. Her appearance on Koffee With Karan accompanied with her father Saif Ali Khan proved that she is nothing like other Bollywood actresses and has a breath of fresh air. Be it the way she talks, her openness about her personal life, problems and the comfort with which she deals with her personal life issues is something that has garnered a lot of praises. She was very vocal about her family dynamics and how she balances her life after the divorce of her mom and dad.

Sara Ali Khan had admitted on the show, “Of course I’m weird. When you decided to have a kid, you all would know right… the genes kind of mix.” Recently, the makers of Koffee With Karan released an Unseen Koffee Konfessions episode which is a compilation ‘undekha’ rapid-fire and revelations, which made us wonder why these were removed from the original telecast as they were so interesting!

In a clip from Sara Ali Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s episode, the father-daughter duo talked about the time when they had dinner together along with Amrita Singh. Reminiscing the last time, he met his first wife, Amrita, Saif had said, “In Columbia, when we went to drop Sara to the University. We had dinner together in New York.”

Sara Ali Khan added, “It was nice. I was going to college and mom had come to drop me and Abba was also there. Actually, my father and I were having dinner and then we decided to call my mum, and she came. We had a good time. And then they set me up in college together, I remember. And it was actually quite a sight because you were seeing, you know, Amrita Singh, and for those of you who know her, it’s a funny sight, like, making my bed and Saif Ali Khan putting the bulb in the lamp. It was really nice and I really cherish that.”


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