How many times when celebrity kids have taken their family legacies to new heights. Though some cannot reach the bar that their ancestors set during their time on the big screen, some become quite successful in raising the standards and taking it to new levels.  From Kapoors to Khans, Indian cinema has seen many faces that belong to the same blood lines.

One such father-daughter duo that is making headlines nowadays is Bollywood’s most popular actor Saif Ali khan and daughter Sara Ali Khan. Though Saif is an old face of the industry, with more than two decades dedicated to Bollywood, his daughter is an upcoming actress, proving to be a promising one with each and every performance she gives on the big screen.

But along with simply following her father’s footsteps and pursuing acting as a path of success, Sara has literally stepped into his father’s shoes with her latest on screen performance in ‘Love Aaj Kal’. Already known to many as a hit by Imtiaz Ali in 2009, with Saif and Deepika Padukone as the main leads, ‘Love Aaj kal’ hit the screens again a few days back, but with different lead actors, new twists and story. Though the new version of ‘love Aaj Kal’, starring Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan created a lot of buzz in media and among the fans, the reaction, memes, and trolls on the internet after its release tell a complete different story. Apart from just comparing the movie with its old release of 2009, the public has been highly critical of Sara’s performance and openly voicing their opinions on how Saif’s ‘Love Aaj Kal’ saw one of his best performances, something that his daughter could not achieve with hers.

As nothing remains hidden in this new era of technology, it was only recently when Sara spoke up on all the comparison that is taking place in the media. It was in an interview with Mid-Day when she said, “I wasn’t looking at replicating the original film. I said yes to the film without reading the script. I had asked Imtiaz sir why we weren’t calling it Love Aaj Kal 2, he explained that the concept is relevant and timeless. The idea is that love means different things for different generations.” 

It was in the same interview when she urged people not to compare both the films, and declared “It’s daunting to be here. I respect every opinion that comes my way. But I hope people don’t compare it with the 2009 film. We are in the movies and ready to take risks. I am not here to please the whole world. So, I go with what feels right to me.”

While informing her viewers on how the 2020 version focuses on financial and emotional independence of women, she also confessed how she is waiting for people reaction after seeing her chemistry with his rumoured boyfriend; Kartik Aaryan.