So, Jab We Met completed 10 years recently and we are not getting over this iconic movie anytime soon. The movie gave us some really special characters and the freshness of the script still makes us smile. Do you remember the beautiful Saumya Tandon who played the character of Roop, Geet’s (Kareena) younger cousin? In an interview recently, she shared a lot of things during her interview.

She shared her happiness on the movie completing 10 years. Saumya said, “It feels great! Jab We Met was my first project and I had no idea that this film is going to be such an iconic film. I wasn’t very sure about it, but when he made me sit down and do the reading with him and I heard the story, I was totally spellbound by the script, and charmed by the dialogues and the freshness of the film and I said yes to the project. At that point I did not even think whether I should do a small role, I absolutely loved the story and came on board, no thought went into it as I just passed out of college and it was exciting for me to be a part of such a film. When I look back I feel that I did that film on a chance and I feel that in our generation if we had to pick up one film which was the best romantic film it would be Jab We Met for sure.”

Also, she shared her experience from the sets of the movie. She said, “It was my first project and I was quite conscious of Kareena and Shahid because I had seen them in my school days and they were big stars so I was quiet on sets and I remember Imtiaz told me that you should just be like your character Roop and he treated me like Roop and asked me to feel like I belonged to the city and the industry.”

Saumya’s also talked about her first experience to work with Shahid and Kareena. “My first scene in the film was with Shahid and Kareena below the staircase where I catch them and ask them questions, and I was quite conscious as I told you they were big stars and there I saw Kareena for the first time, very very thin because she was preparing for Tashan and that entire zero figure phase was on, so my first reaction when I saw her was ‘Oh my god, she’s so thin’, both Shahid and Kareena were very reserved on sets especially Kareena but once the cameras would roll she would totally transform herself.”

It was during the shoot of the movie Jab We Met that Shahid and Kareena broke up. She remembered the days, “I remember during those 25 days of my shoot schedule I would get really bored. So I went to a bookstore there and I picked up one book I felt I could read so I was so engrossed with the book all the time. I was too scared to really talk to them because they weren’t talking to each other and I was nobody really to ask. In the beginning on the schedule, I didn’t really feel anything of such sort but probably when they were shooting Mauja Hi Mauja which was the last schedule I did feel that there was MUCH more silence than there was in the beginning of the film.”

Well, we still miss Shahid and Kareena together on screen. Anyway, we can always see them together with Jab We Met.

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