A number of remedies for acne and scars come and go but this one is here to really work on your skin. Yes, this is one remedy that will make you feel the change instantly. This one face mask prepared using natural ingredients works like magic on the skin. Here is how you can prepare it:


What you need:

1 tsp of natural honey

1 tbsp. of ground nutmeg

1 tbsp. of powdered cinnamon

1 tsp of lemon juice

How to make the face mask

Take all ingredients and mix in a bowl. If your skin is sensitive, add some more honey. Do not use this face mask if you have rosacea. When applying the mask, make sure you prevent areas around your eyes and mouth. Keep it for 10 minutes and then wash off with warm water. You may feel a tingle on your skin but you don’t need to worry, this is how the mask works.

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