Season 2 Of ‘The Kardashians’ Opens Up With Some Shocking News; Checkout!

Kardashians are back at it again, as the season 2 for the hit Hulu show premiered yesterday, and god is internet already breaking. This season the teaser had promised so much from Kim wearing the Marilyn Dress to the whole Khloe and Tristan drama to Kim literally gathering the most iconic supermodels for an ad campaign.

Apart from the Marilyn dress, obviously, people were curious to as if what was going on with miss Khloe Kardashian. Since the last season ended with her finding out that Tristan had once again managed to be the absolute scummiest dirtbag ever, how did he earn that title you might ask? Well if cheating on Khloe for three times, after she kept on taking him back over and over again wasn’t enough to earn him that title, he went on impregnating another woman while constantly trying to weasel his way back into Khloe’s life and further proving why is he the perfect recipient for that title.

At this point one might think that situation cannot get any worse, but unfortunately Tristan somehow manages to prove us wrong once again as we find out that he was trying for another baby with Khloe through a surrogate and successfully managed to get an embryo implanted, before the news of him having another woman’s baby broke out.

We don’t want to give much of the spoiler but first episode is mostly about Khloe’s journey to having another child. Her baby boy was born somewhere in the early August this year, and it is said that Khloe will be the full time parent but she doesn’t want to exclude Tristan from her children’s life.

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