When we meet ‘the one’, all we want is that person to be with us forever. And why not, love is an incredible feeling! How we just wish to be with one single person for our entire life, it sounds funny at times, but that is what we call love. We want it to stay, till the end of time. As and when time passes, relationships get stronger. It wouldn’t be right to say that one can build up a strong and successful relationship instantly. To build up a strong and long lasting relationship, one needs to make constant efforts. There are some secrets to a long-lasting relationship and if the two follow them through their relationship, they can soon nurture it.


Express your love

When you are in a relationship with the person you love, don’t ever shy away from expressing your feelings. The foremost secret of a healthy and long lasting relationship is expressing love to your partner. Your partner is the best and you need to make them feel special. After all, what is life without the expression of love? Each and every second you spend with them should be made so special that they remember it forever. You can express your love in any way you like. It can be done through giving them compliments, gifting them their favorite stuff, taking them for special dates, thanking them for being there or cooking for them.

Respect is important

When you are working towards a long-lasting relationship, it is important to ensure that you respect your partner. Respect them as an individual first. Respect their dreams, feelings, thoughts and opinions. If they share something with you and you don’t like it, don’t start speaking negatively right away. Make them understand if they are going wrong somewhere. It is important to use the correct words in difficult situations like these as the wrong usage of words can hurt the sentiments of the other.

Appreciate their efforts

When your partner does something for you, appreciate it. Let them know that it makes you happy when they make an effort to do something for you. After all, we all like it when someone does something special for us. Don’t they deserve appreciation in return? This is all they expect in return. If they do something for you, it is because they wish to see a big smile on your face. After they give you a dose of happiness with their efforts, give them their share with a smile or may be bunch of flowers.

Pamper Pamper!

There is a need to keep a pinch of freshness to your relationship. Your partner loves you and likes to be pampered. They know that you love them but at times, words don’t do complete justice to the feelings. Why not keep your feelings fresh by pampering them every now and then? You can take them to their favorite restaurant or prepare a special video or get their favorite dessert or send them some flowers. You can also recreate a filmy moment to tell them how special they are for you. Put in all the creativity to make them feel special.


Communicate everything

Communication is the key to every relationship. If you don’t communicate properly with your partner, your relationship won’t last for long. When you two are together, you need to openly discuss both positives and negatives. If you like something about them, tell them and it will make them happy. But don’t keep it to yourself if you don’t like anything about them. There is no need to shy away from doing so. If you keep it to yourself and don’t point it out, they may never get to know where they are going wrong and it can eventually create a lot of problems in your relationship.

Space it out

Even though you two madly love each other, there is a need to give your partner some space. Your relationship can’t last for long if you don’t give each other space. Remember, this spacing makes your relationship stronger than ever. If he/she is going to have a day out with friends, let them enjoy and don’t keep texting or calling them whole day. They may text or call you on their own. But if they feel that you are sticking around badly, it may turn things negative and you surely don’t want that to happen.

Be the support

More than anything else, you both need each other’s support. Make sure you stand strong to support your partner in each and every situation. Even if your opinions don’t match at times, come together for a decision. Never leave your partner alone if you disagree with each other. If your partner is feeling low, let them know that you are there for support and they don’t need to worry. Hold their hands and pass on the message that you care for them and no matter what happens in life, they can rely on you.

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