Security Mistakes A Gaga Impersonator As Real Lady Gaga At Her Concert!

Chromatica Ball is over but Gaga’s little monsters are still hungry, and it’s time for them to feed on the iconic moments from the tour, and this one quite frankly tops it. Over the years Lady Gaga has been claimed as a gay icon, leader of the rainbow colored cult. And because of the same reason she has a lot of drag impersonators. So much so that once Gaga dressed up as herself got into Rupal’s Drag Race and tricked drag queens into believing that she was an impersonator.

On the last day of her show one of Gaga’s beloved impersonator Penelopy Jean, decided to attend her concert, and who would’ve thought a security guard would mistake the drag queen for Gaga herself. Penelopy was wearing a black outfit almost identical to the one that Gaga was wearing during the concert.

As she walked through the crowd a security guard started following her, parting way for her through the crowd and when Penelope told him, “I’m a drag queen.” The look on his face was absolutely priceless. The absurdity of the moment was absolutely hilarious since not only the guard but the hoards of crowd surrounding Penelopy with their phones out were also left speechless as they couldn’t believe that the drag Impersonator wasn’t Gaga herself.

Penelopy is a drag performer, a DJ and has a vast social media following with over 22k followers on Twitter, 195k on Instagram, 148k on YouTube, and 213k on TikTok. The creator as worked as a Gaga Impersonator for a very long te and was in talks of appearing on Rupal’s Drag Race. Back in 2019 Penelopy even met Gaga during a concert while she posed for a picture with her on stage.

The Drag artist revealed that it was like a dream come true to even stand next to the icon. This incident was absolutely hilarious and one of the most memorable ones from the tour. We hope that if Gaga decides to turn her Chromatica Ball into a documentary, she doesn’t forget to include this hilarious interaction.

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