See Anushka Sharma’s pictures from the Oscars

By admin

March 03, 2017

You could have spotted Anushka Sharma only if you didn’t push all your focus at Priyanka Chopra and Dev Patel. Yes, Anushka Sharma was a part of the Oscars this year and she even tried to make the presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway understand that they are not announcing the right winner.

Well, we wish that was all true! Anushka Sharma was present at the Oscars in the form of a spirit. Now for all those who aren’t aware of what this all is about. Anushka Sharma and her team are carrying off this campaign called #ShashiWasHere for her next movie ‘Phillauri’ and following this social campaign she is present at each and every event across the globe. Anushka is playing a ghost in her next movie and her name is Shashi. She even tweeted about the same. Have a look at her tweet: .

Now that is a smart promotional strategy, no?