We live in the times where relationships end faster than it takes to solve a mathematics problem! Apologize for the poor comparison, but today’s generation absolutely fails when it comes to maintain relationships. Relationships have suddenly become so hard and true love has gradually vanished. Even the highly adored celebrity couples, considered as the ‘Love/Couple Goals’ are constantly shocking their fans with break-ups and divorces.


But then, there are always some pairs who inspire us to the core and envision us with some optimistic hopes. And one such couples of today’s time is, Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu. These completely stark-contrasting personalities first met on the sets of ‘Dekhte Reh Jaaoge’. Both Kunal and Soha agree that they didn’t even image a basic friendship between two owing to much personality differences. But as time took its toll, they were deeply in  love with each other in no time. They moved into a live-in relationship even sooner before they decided to tie the knot. And what followed was a fairy-tale like story.


The couple has been married for 2 years now and are leading a perfect happy married life. As they both step out together, their eye-reaching smiles reflect the joyous lives they are leading. And here are a few gorgeous pictures of this Nawabi couple that truly inspire us to fall in love! 😉


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