One of the most popular actresses in India, Katrina carved a space for herself in the Bollywood industry with movies like Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya?(2005) and Namastey London(2007). In Spite of being so beautiful she is believed to have undergone various surgeries. Infact not only Katrina, but many other actress have undergone many different surgeries. Is it important to to undergo a surgery to enter into the bollywood industry?

The most common plastic surgery evidence can be a possible nose job and possible use of lips and cheek fillers. Almost every celebrity wishes to have a smaller and sharper nose so they go for nose job. Katrina went through the same.However,nose jobs are one of the hardest plastic surgeries to get right. Even a single wrong move can create a huge problem for the person.She used to have a which is more bloated and rounded at the tip.

Though the fact is still not confirmed. Some believe that make up might have made the difference. No doubt,make up can do wonders.

The second one her possible lips and cheek fillers.No such proof has been there that could prove that she has gone under the same but it can be easily differentiated.Slight difference in the thickness of her lips can be noticed in her before and after photographs.

It is possible that the color of the lipstick and make up can create such an illusion. So the truth is still not revealed,only guesses can be made.She is suspected to use cheek fillers to keep her face look still youthful.Earlier,her cheeks were not that pronounced. But now her cheeks look more lively and lifted.

Despite of all the rumours till far,it is quite clear and it can’t be denied that she is the ultimate beauty.She is also known as the barbie doll of the bollywood industry.She is still flawless at the age of 33.The fact is that she has grown more beautiful year after year. But who knows if there are a lot of plastic surgeries behind this beautiful face!

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