Once again, Priyank Sharma is at target of our host Salman Khan after hitting a new low inside the Bigg Boss house. For all those who don’t know, Priyank Sharma was recently seen body shaming co-contestants Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde. He said that the two weigh so much that they won’t be able to even run for a small distance and perform any tasks. Priyank also said that the two have bodies like a bull. He crossed every limit by passing such mean comments on these women and people have been slamming him ever since then.

In today’s episode, Priyank will be seen getting scolded by Salman. Salman will be seen asking him his mother’s weight to make his understand what he did by body shaming those women. Hina Khan and Sapna Choudhry who were seen supporting Priyank while he was passing such comments will also be questioned by Salman. In the courtroom task, Priyank was also seen putting allegations on Arshi Khan that she works out in a very provoking manner. Salman will be seen questioning all the housemates as to how they can behave like this despite of being educated.

Akash Dadlani who is extremely upset with Puneesh after he made his lose his captaincy will also be seen getting scolded by Salman. In the Sultani Akhada, Salman will ask Akash to leave everything and hug Puneesh. Akash in return will not do so and Salman will be seen telling him that he has lost the battle already.

All the viewers wait to see the weekend episode as it is only Salman who can make the contestants inside the house realise all what they have done wrong. This week, Hina and Priyank are at major target. It would be interesting to see how Salman makes them realise their mistakes. Stay tuned!


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