Gone are the days when people like me wondered how do big celebs party, what do they do, do they also dance like us and many other stupid silly things. Thanks to the advent of social media, we can see and almost feel celebs’ lives, as closely as they do.


And here we bring to you exclusive party videos and pictures of the talk of the town, Manveer Gurjar and his ‘close friend’, Nitibha Kaul. During the 3 months long journey in Bigg Boss 10, both of them bonded well and became good friends. However, a bit love angle was also there from Nitibha’s side.
Now, when the show is over, both of them are probably celebrating their friendship in Delhi and spending good quality time together with the other non-contestant friends.

Have a look at the videos and pictures.

**Is it just me or you guys too, who feel Manveer seems to be a bit uncomfortable?** Let us know in the comments section.

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