Boom Boom Boomerang !

In a sensational development to the Hrithik- Kangana saga, the Joint Commissioner of Police  has debunked Kangana’s statement of the case being closed:  the case is still very much open and investigation is still on.

A fresh complaint was filed by Hrithik via his lawyer Mahesh Jethmalani on April 8,2017 in which the actor has stated that he was being stalked by Kangana; that she had sent him a torrent of explicit sexual emails trying to lure him emotionally and physically. Kangana is alleged to have said “  I have travelled thousands of miles for Hrithik” and “ I will take rebirth for him”.

Hrithik has handed over his mobile, laptop and other evidences to the Cyber Crime Cell for further investigation. Kangana, on the other hand, has proferred lame excuses for not submitting her iPhone and laptop saying her phone fell into the water and her laptop has gone for repairs.

For months now,Kangana has been using every available platform to air her grievances and talk about the “affair de coeur” which went awry.

Ever since the news first hit the headlines, it was assumed that the lady was wronged and the dashing superstar was to blame.

The Joint CP has confirmed that investigations are underway to determine if  the emails sent to Kangana were in fact, from Hrithik’s email account  (as alleged by her ) or if  it was the handiwork of an impostor. The Cyber Crime unit is investigating the IP address of the mails sent to establish the real identity of the sender.

It is also quite amusing to note that Kangana’s outbursts  and “I am the victim” card are perfectly timed – before the release of her film Simran.

It’s time we heard the other side of the story specially when so much is written about womens’ empowerment. Men can also be the ” wronged “ ones.

To sum up the entire saga brings to mind a popular Hindi song: Tota maina ki kahani purani ho gayi”.

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