Serotonin , Our Happiness Hormone- Natural ways to boost it!!

Yes, you heard it right, known as ‘happy hormone universally , the very hormone known to make you happy and very much responsible for making us relax and soothes all time default stage of our mind  which is -UNSTABLE but no offence and layman vocabulary apart it is widely research hormone in psychiatry and neurological sciences .This is the hormone being studied to save planet from one of the upcoming pandemic of human race -Depression.

There are many ways to boost up serotonin such as doing exercise which well known activity to have a positive impact on emotional wellbeing  as it builds up serotonin in our body ,eating serotonin boosting foods such as cheese ,milk and other dairy products  which are high in tryptophan that help in serotonin formation in body. Another way would be – Walking in the bright light  for at least 10 to 15 minutes which is the good way to enhance the serotonin production in body , eating probiotic food such as curd and kimchi is the another tip to increase happy hormone .

There is lots of studies still in pipeline suggestive of serotonin benefits .The other new exciting benefits of serotonin include increasing maternal instincts and thereby enhancing caregiving in mothers, also serotonin enhances rewarding nature in human.

Multiple researches are undergoing in serotonin biology which could be game changer in depression treatment ,pain management, other mental illness treatment plan . Although serotonin plays an important role in our psychological well being and role or we can say how does it work is still been studied, hence  before taking any supplement to boost the serotonin level should first consult with Doctor to ensure the safety of their use.

Happiness is always begins with proper coordination of mind and body ,hence if we are in the proper frame of mind and practicing good habits that heals our body then all type of happy hormones are in synchronization.


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