Sex: Myths And The Facts About Sex You Should Know!

Sex is an art and emotional. Additionally, sex and sexual movement is something exceptionally private to individuals and express their desire. It is known as child making process. Sex isn’t something when that happens just when humans need to bring life into the world. Individuals have sex for pleasure as well.

There are several myths present about sex in our society. Some of the myths are:-

Myth 1- Only penetrative sex is considered as sex-

You may accept that to have intercourse is an action where physical touch is involved, particularly penetrative sex (vaginal, oral, or butt-centric sex). The one that is the most regularly realized sexual movement is penetrative vaginal sex between a male and a female which leads to pregnancy. Sexual movement isn’t bound to just penetrative sex. Sexual movement could go from presenting your body to somebody, taking sexual pictures of someone, having oral sex, or simply cuddling. Only you get to decide what sex means for you.  You have the right to decide what sex is for you whether you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, straight, queer.

Sexual movement could go from having oral sex, or simply cuddling.

Myth 2- Ladies virginity can be determined by testing hymen-

There are various factors to understand why a woman bleeds when she has ‘penetrative vaginal’ sex for the first time. It is also common for women not to bleed the first time when they have ‘penetrative vaginal’ sex. The reason is some hymens are more stretchy compared to others. So next time when people ask you whether you are a virgin or not, remember you are allowed to have your definition of being a virgin.

It is common for women not to bleed the first time when they have sex.

Myth 3- Penis size matters –

Penis size troubles numerous biological male bodies.  There is a myth that a big penis size gives more pleasure to the partner. But the truth is size doesn’t matter in pleasuring your partner. It does not correlate with the amount of pleasure that originated. What matters is the feelings which we share.

Does Penis size matter?

Myth 4- Too much masturbation might just make dislike sex with your partner.

Masturbation is important which helps to improve your mental and physical health. You might prefer masturbation over sex with a partner, but it will never abstain you from sex with your partner.

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