And the wait is finally over. The king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan’s son finally made his debut in Bollywood as hi dubbed in Hindi for The Lion King’s principle character Simba. The father-son duo made it together in the film. People were getting crazy for his Bollywood debut since he was a kid and was seen in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam. And now, he has made it till here. Now, like father, he is in the news every now and then.

Now, Aryan was seen dancing with a girl and we wonder is she his girlfriend? The picture has been posted with a caption which possibly addresses one of them as ‘Baby’ adding fuel to fire. Aryan has impressed everyone with his Hindi dubbing for The Lion King. In fact, his voice is too similar to his dad, Shah Rukh, that many people were confused.

You must be wondering Shahrukh who has been ruling hearts since forever, does he give any relationship to his son Aaryan. In a throwback interview, Shahrukh had revealed, “I give relationship advice to no one. I think you should not give such advice to anyone. Because every relationship is different, every f***-up is different, every happiness is different. You should just let everyone be. Yeah, sometimes, in a fun, gossipy way, you can talk about somebody else’s relationship, but I think, as weird, conservative or wild as a relationship may be, it’s perfectly all right. You should not judge it. I have heard of some really awkward ones and maybe you get a little surprised, but if it suits them, it’s fine.”

Also, Shahrukh would rip off Aaryan’s lips if he kisses any girl. He had shared in an interview, “I’d rip off Aryan’s lips. I can’t rip off a girl’s lips — that’s not a charming gentlemanly thing to do. (Laughs) So, I will rip off Aryan’s lips, on behalf of the girl’s father. (Smiles) You can’t touch or harm a girl.”

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Recently, the father-son duo worked together in the film ‘The Lion King’. Sharing the experience of working with his son, The Bollywood King had shared, “For me, the experience of dubbing with Aryan is very personal. I got time to spend with him professionally. I am a professional actor and I have to do this, but my family has never really been associated with the work I do.” Shah Rukh went on to say, “So, it’s very heartening. When we did ‘The Incredibles’, Aryan was around nine years old. It was very sweet to hear his voice then, and (it is sweet to hear) even now. The time spent with him in my line of work is special. For me, it’s a bonding time with Aryan.”