Shah Rukh Khan Has The Perfect Advice For Every College Student On His Daughter’s Graduation Day

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan has graduated from Ardingly College in London where she had been studying from last four years.  Overwhelmed with emotions at his daughter’s graduation ceremony, SRK posted a photo with her and Gauri.  We have witnessed Suhana’s acting chops as she performed at a school play and her videos went viral on social media.  SRK had earlier mentioned about Suhana’s interest in acting in his interviews.

SRK shared the best piece of advice on completion for every college students on Suhana Khan’s graduation.  Every school kid should learn the advice given by him.

Suhana Khan is making her parents proud in every aspect.  His father’s unconditional love and his priceless advice are letting her rule a throne.  Suhana Khan recently received a Russel cup for her exceptional contribution to drama.  All this is undoubtedly learning from the ‘King Khan’.

SRK on June 28, 2019 shared a best advice for all the students, which they need to stick to heir minds.  On his Instagram handle, he shared a picture with Suhana and Gauri, and wrote, “4 years have flown by. Graduating from Ardingly. Last pizza, last train ride, and the first step into the real world. School ends, learning doesn’t.”

He further added his another post on Instagram with Suhana, captioned as, “Last day at school.  Adding new experiences and colours to your life ahead.”  Being a daddy, Shah Rukh always gives the right advice.

Shah Rukh is always loved by everyone for his intelligence and wisdom he has.  Shah Rukh Khan was being interviewed a few days back, where he talked about his kids and their reaction towards fame.   There he told, that the kids starts feeling awkward with all the paraphernalia, the cars.  He further stated, he does not take his kids along with him whenever he goes out to a public place.  Also his wife doesn’t come with him, he goes to functions all alone, and so they don’t enter with him because with all due respect he’s a star and they expect everyone to rush on to him.   Also he did not expect that to happen to his family.  His family understands this and so nobody goes with him. There is hardly a place where they all go together. Not because of scrutiny but because they feel awkward from all the attention.

“I have explained it to my kids that if photographers come and stand, they should do the picture and say, “Please can I go now?’ They will all listen to you, I have known them for 25 years, said Shah Rukh.  He also said perhaps I’m old fashioned. I really do believe – you deserve attention. You have to earn it, you have to do something for it. So this I explained to my kids and they also understand it that just because you are photographed, doesn’t make you important at all.”


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