Shah Rukh Khan Responds To Fan Who Asks If He Is ‘Berozgaar’

As Shah Rukh Khan completed 29 years in Bollywood, he interacted with his fans on Twitter on Friday. He conducted an “Ask Me Anything Session” in which he was inundated with copious questions from fans and he gave replies to many questions.

However, above all, one tweet of a fan has gone viral on social media in which asked the Bollywood superstar that if he was ‘unemployed’. “App bhi Berozgaar ho gaye kya sir.. Hamari trash (Sir, are you also unemployed now, like the rest of us?),” the fan asked, to which Shah Rukh gave a cryptic response to the tweet, Jo kuch nahi karte….woh (Those who don’t do anything, they) which amused the fans and many have failed to understand the context of the tweet and asked the actor for clarification to apprehend the message completely.

Khan’s debut film was Deewana and completes 29 years of its release on Friday. Following which he took to Twitter to conduct a brief ‘Ask SRK’ session.

On another query over his next movie release, he said “Right now with the situation I think it’s prudent to make film release schedules with a bit of patience.” He will make his acting comeback with Siddharth Anand’s action drama Pathan, which also stars Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. The film is yet to be officially announced.

In another reply, he said, “Loudspeakers make announcement….I will gently allow my films to enter your hearts….soon.” He also gave a shout-out to his Pathan co-star, John, as a fan asked about his health. “Not as amazing as John Abraham but holding my own…haha,” he wrote.

Rukh said that this current state of mind is ‘like the Mumbai rain’ and also gave fans advice on how to maintain a positive outlook. “Don’t listen to the negativity around you and believe in yourself,” he wrote.

Answering a fan about the ‘most inspiring thing’ Shah Rukh learned in his career spanning nearly three decades, the actor said, “Not inspiring but the truth….everybody who doesn’t do the work you are best at, knows how to do it better!!!”

On being asked about their collaboration, the actor quipped, “Just going to call him and request him….he sleeps late!!” On request of a dance number, King Khan responds that “Nahi yaar ab to bahut saari movies hi aayengi (No, I will come out with lots of movies now),” he wrote.

He shared with fans that last year he worked a lot less and spent more time with his lovely family. Concluding his session with fans on Twitter, he wrote, “Now need to get back to the rains….love you all and thanks for all the wishes and #AskSrk. As always sorry for all not getting replies….but we have a long journey together so will be in touch soon…”

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