Everyone has different aspects of celebrating their birthday. For some it is to enjoy and cut the cake by throwing a lavishing party. For others it is to celebrate with close friends and for most of them, it is to celebrate with their family. Because the day is ours, just ours, it depends on us with whom we want to enjoy.

So is with actor Shahid Kapoor, the “Kabir Singh” actor turn thirty-nine.Recently, in an interview with the Hindustan Times, Shahid revealed that he would be celebrating his 39th birthday in Chandigarh as he is shooting for his film. However, his family is with him and he will be spending time with them.

Shahid also shared that he values his family above all and had said, “Being grounded is very important. Success and failure come and go but family is a priority for me. To sustain a career that is long, you need to stick to the basics and you need to stay connected with yourself as a human being. I feel very fortunate that I have two kids and my wife by my side. I’m happy that we’re always there for each other.”

In another interview with the Hindustan Times, Shahid had talked about the changes marriage and kids have brought in his life. He had said, “It’s like a wild horse that used to be free in the wild. But for four years, he has been domesticated. So, my self-image has completely changed. I am a domesticated horse now (laughs).

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On a serious note, your sense of identity becomes different before marriage as compared to when you have children and wife to come back home to. Then, it’s not just ‘you’ anymore, but more about ‘us.’ I think once you get there, then it’s difficult to get back to ‘you’ in terms of how you even think about life. Your thoughts and decision making a transition from ‘I, me and myself’ to ‘us’. I think that’s a big change.”