Shahid and Mira have kept their five-months-old baby Misha away from the inquisitive nature of the people till now. We have always seen the tiny tot of the baby Misha, which always wrapped from head to toe, whenever Shahid and Mira take her out.

Shahid has the habit of telling off photographers for not to get too close to his daughter, stating that the camera would hurt her eyes.

But after months, we have finally got a glimpse of adorable baby Misha.

Take a look:

Sunsets with my angel.

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Shahid has posted this picture on Instagram and he had written “Sunset with my angel” alongside the image. Though he used a filter to blur the face of her daughter, but we can still make out the Chubby-cheeked tot.

It seems like the actor is making an attempt to extinguish the fervour of his fans.

It looks like Shahid took a lesson from Akshay Kumar who always shared the pictures of her daughter Nitara but without her face.

Earlier, Shahid gave his fans the perfect New Year gift by posting the first picture of daughter Misha on social media. Though Shahid didn’t show the face of baby Misha, one could see in the photograph is only Misha’s tiny tot in the pink shoes.

“Mi-shoe,” Shahid captioned the image with a heart emoji.

Mi-shoe ❤️

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