Shahid and Mira are undoubtedly the cutest couple of Bollywood. The two were recently blessed with a cute baby girl and ever since then, we all have been waiting for them to share the name of this new little member of the family. There were a number of names that were coming up over the net but all those rumours have been put to an end as the star couple share the name of their little princess. Shahid, Mira and Pankaj Kapoor visited their Baba in Amritsar to decide their daughter’s name.

Yes! The wait is over. Mira and Shahid have named their little daughter, Misha. The name right away points out to the love Shahid and Mira share as it is a combination of their names. Mi(ra) and Sha(hid) add more love and give this lovely name to their princess.


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