Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have been very protective about their little angel, Misha. While the prying eyes of media remained unquenched for a glance of this little munchkin, the doting parents remained asserted even more to not reveal Misha’s face.


Indeed, Shahid and Mira have teased us a lot with blurred and unclear pictures for so many months and not letting us see their little bundle of joy. But recently, Shahid took it to social media and posted the a picture of his daughter and wife. It was the first time he posted Misha’s clear photograph where we could actually see how this baby doll looks like. The wait was worth the while and the internet went gaga over her for obvious reasons. This was quite a few weeks before.

But here it is again. Daddy Shahid has yet again posted an adorable picture of his daughter and we just can’t take our eyes off her. And this time, it is a solo picture. Have a look.



SUPER CUTE! Isn’t it? Well, the picture was initially shared by Mira Rajput on her Instagram account which is a private account. But Shahid Kapoor couldn’t resist himself to repost and flaunt his divine little munchkin. We are simply in love with this Kapoor clan! Shahid is getting hotter day by day, Mira is so damn gorgeous, Misha’s starry eyes and their PDA on social media. Ahh..we couldn’t ask for more. :’)

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