Shamita Shetty Opens Up On Being Compared To Elder Sister, Shilpa Shetty

With every success comes failure! Without having the bitter taste of defeat one cannot savour the sweet victory. But the degree of failure varies for every mortal. Some achieve their summit early while others have to drag themselves to the destination. In a state like this, one is bound to lose all his hope and willpower. When you fail in everything and anything you try, every other road you take drops you at the same stop; failure, your courage breaks down! Life will keep on throwing curveballs at you but you should know how to juggle. And our ‘Sharara’ star knows how to keep it rolling.



Even after encountering so many defeats in her way, Shamita didn’t let her morale down. Here, she talks about her journey in the limelight industry. Keeping her first step in the big screen by filming ‘Mohabbatein’, she made many movies but the luck was not on her side. After failing many times she even tried to give a shot to reality shows but the destiny had its own plans. The showbiz was not her cup of tea!

Nepotism allows you an easy entry to the Bollywood world but to keep up with it isn’t really that simple. You fail in putting your show perfectly and a door labeled ‘EXIT’ is right open for you. Shamita on being interviewed about her career didn’t hesitate to open about her relationship with actor-producer Uday Chopra and how she reached at her lows after coming out of it. She unveiled the fact how she felt then and how being a part of the industry was sucking out her energy in a wrong way. Here’s what she quoted,’’ It’s not like I abandoned the industry. I just felt being a part of this was sucking out my energy in a wrong way, because I was giving it too much importance.’’


Further she talked about how she was compared to her elder sister Shilpa Shetty Kundra on a professional front as well as in real life aspects. ‘’I don’t feel offended because at the end of the day, she is someone I aspire to be. Initially, I didn’t understand comparisons because we are two different individuals and can’t be expected to achieve the same in life. Now it doesn’t affect me at all.’’ Well said Shamita! Our identity is our own and every individual is different. The younger Shetty sister also responded to the social media comments gravely talking about how she is being taken care of by hr sister and Brother-in-Law by saying, ‘I take care of myself!’’


Having admitted the presence of Nepotism in the showbiz the actress confessed how it helps you enter the industry but its pure luck and talent that keeps you going there. The actress took the blame of being a bit selective and wishes to do a little more work. ‘’It took me 3 years to understand my true strength; I was too arrogant and selective.’’ Shamita now have her new plans which focus on taking up a TV show which do not runs indefinitely. She has once again decided to give a new chance to her skills and limits and is ready to face whatever comes her way!

Well, good luck to you Shamita and we hope you find your domain soon!


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