Shark Tank: Ashneer Grover Regrets Not Investing In ‘Sippline’, Product, He Brutally Trolled; Check It Out!!!

Rohit Warrier’s Sippline Drinking Shields, which was described as “glass ka mask” was a product that made the most headlines during the first season of Shark Tank India. All the sharks rejected the idea, and Ashneer Grover, the co-founder of BharatPe rejected the idea in his own infamous way. It was all giggles until Ashneer opened his brutal but honest mouth.

After the pitch of the product, the shark said “Kya Kar raha hai yaar tu (What are you doing),” (the famous meme line). “Yeh jo product hai naa, isse wahiyat product maine zindagi mein naa dekha hai, naa main dekhna chahta hun. Mere ko Bhagwan utha le! Itna ganda product hai yeh. Iske baad main kuchh nahi dekhna chahta life mein (I have never seen such a bad product in my life and don’t want to see it in the future as well. It’s so bad that I don’t want to see anything else in my life now).”

Now that the first season has ended and things have cooled down a bit. Ashneer has given a number of interviews where he shared details and thoughts regarding his journey, the show and pitches. One such example of an interview is with the comedians Sahil Shah and Rohan Joshi. During the interview, he was asked if he regretted not investing in a product, to which he said “Sippline”. It was an unexpected reply as he brutally smashed the product and the co-founder.

But the explanation cleared his intention as he said, “For the loss of entertainment in my life, yes. Main soch raha hoon, yaar isko main agar galti se bolta main tere mein invest kar raha hoon, but tu paanch aur achi cheezein bana ke la, har roz mein has has ke pagal toh jata ki bhai ye toh live entertainment chal raha hai mera (I’m thinking if I had mistakenly told him that I’m investing in this product, but you have to create five more good products, I would have been rolling on the floor laughing that I’m being entertained live), but not otherwise.”

He was further asked how he felt about the social media’s response to the slamming and the memes that circulated afterwards, to which he responded “Mujhe to yahi laga ki ghane vele log hain yaar duniya mein. Koi edit kar raha hai kuch, koi snippet leke edit kar raha hai kuch. Main toh apne Shark Tank team ko bhi bolta rehta tha ki tumse zayada better editing toh ye karte hain. (I only thought that there are many free people in this world, some are editing, some are taking snippets, I keep telling my Shark Tank team that these people do better editing than you). There’s this one meme on this Deepika Padukone song, right? Ultimate level editing and thought right.”

While Ashneer has been part of several controversies during and after the show, it is unlikely that we see him in season 2. Rohit Warrier, Sippline’s founder, had also tried to roast Ashneer and his fellow Shark Tank India judge Aman Gupta in a YouTube video in February. Except for a few hiccups like this, the show has maintained a strong identity and was loved by the audience. Its TRP was through the oof and it would be a no brainer to bring the show back again next year.

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