Shefali Jariwala Wants His Ex-Sidharth Shukla To Marry Shehnaaz Gill; Says ‘We Had A Cordial Relationship After Break-up’

Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill won many hearts during their stint in Colors TV’s Bigg Boss 13 hosted by Salman Khan. Sidharth and Shehnaaz’s relationship has always been the most talked about topics of “Bigg Boss 13”. While Sidharth has always maintained a “just friends” stance with Shehnaaz. Sana has no qualms admitting her love for Sidharth and she herself calls it “one sided love”. Shefali Jariwala Wants His Ex-Sidharth Shukla To Marry Shehnaaz Gill.

In an interview with Bollywood Life, Shefali shared that indeed Sidharth cares for Shehnaaz, but she doesn’t feel any romantic equation between them. Having said that she also talked about how it would be great if ‘Sidnaaz’ find love in each other and get married. In her words, “See, that is my opinion of their equation from what I saw inside the house. Sidharth definitely cares for her but I did not find it a romantic equation per se. However, saying that, I would be happy if they indeed fell in love and got married. It would be great. It will be wonderful.”

As Sidharth and Shefali had dated for a brief span of time, the two rediscovered their friendship inside the Bigg Boss house. Talking about the same, she said, “See, initially we bonded and then we had a bad fight. After he came back from the secret room, our equation got better. Both of us are very logical people. Also, we have similar interests, we would talk about travel, space, bullet trains and what not. Even after we stopped dating, we were always cordial whenever we bumped into each other.”

Earlier Sheffali spoke about Sidharth and Shehnaaz’s bond on an Instagram lve chat session. Bollywoodlife quoted her as saying,“Of course bahut acchi hai, but problem yehi hai ki pyaar ek tarfa hai. Aur maine hamesha se maintain kiya tha because I know Sidharth, he loves Sana, he loves Sana as a child, as a friend.”

She continued, “But what Sana didn’t realise there is ki woh Sidharth se pyar karne lagi aur yeh unko realise karwaya tha Salman sir ne (Sana didn’t realise that she was in love with Sidharth and it was Salman who made her realise it). So, they are great together, dekho pyaar jo hota haina do dosto ke bich mein bhi hota hai toh pyaar, pyaar hota hai. (Even if it happens between two friends, love is always love).” Shefali Jariwala Wants His Ex-Sidharth Shukla To Marry Shehnaaz Gill.

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