Shehnaaz Gill Says: Slim Girls Get Work In Entertainment Industry

Only Slim Girls Get Work In the Industry: Says Shehnaaz Gill.

In a you tube live chat, Shehnaaz Gill has spoke about her struggle days, body transformation, future projects and importance of self-love.

During her live chat

Bigg Boss finalist came live on you tube and told her fans that she had some free time during the shoot so came live. Shehnaaz shared,how her team were preparing the script and read it for her.

But she wanted it to be a freewheeling conversation. Actress, also told about her future projects and diet routine. While answering one of his fan, she said that only slim girls get work in this film industry.

Conversation with her fans

As people asked about her weight loss journey, she told that she already has many time talked about this earlier. Actress-singer said that eating consciously is the way to lose all the extra kilos.

“My team keeps telling me to stop taking sugar and salt. But all that is bakwas. It’s important to keep a check on the quantity. You soon get into a habit of eating less and that’s the key to shed the extra weight,” she shared, adding that she has moong for breakfast with tea, and dal, chawal and sabzi for lunch. “For dinner, I just have milk,” shared Shehnaaz.

When fan told,that she looked prettier during Bigg Boss

One of her fans told her that she looked prettier in Bigg Boss. Shehnaaz looked quite uncomfortable at that time but then she answered very politely. She said that she believes, she looked beautiful then and does so even now.

It was her favourite Avatar. She mentioned that she can be that Shehnaaz anytime by eating a lot. The actress said “I can be that Shehnaaz anytime. However, then I won’t get much work. Industry mein patli ladkiyan chalti hai (Only slim girls work in the industry)”.

Her Struggle

28 year old told one of his fan that she has worked really hard to achieve all it and want to do it even better. She says “I never stopped and worked so hard to get the fame and money I deserved. I have put in a lot of efforts over the years, and now I want only the best for myself.” Shehnaaz Gill Opens Up About Her Relationship With Siddharth Shukla; Sidnaaz Looks Uplifted

Bigg Boss fame actress told that she always knew that she wants to do something creative. Says “I believe one knows where they fit best and luck also plays a factor. All that you need to do is be honest towards your talent.”

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