Shekhar Kapur Affirms That Paani Will Be Revived, “I Am In Communication With A Few Producers”

The most challenging undertaking Shekhar Kapur had ever undertaken was Paani. The project, however, never had a happy conclusion because it was allegedly placed on hold. Now, the director has discovered a compromise to quickly finish Paani.

Online rumours circulated that Kapur was considering reviving the project and was in contact with a few producers. Kapur finally spoke out about the situation and verified the rumors. Shekhar admitted his intentions to resurrect Paani to Pinkvilla, saying, “I am in contact with a few producers to discuss the possibilities.”

“Hopefully next year, but let’s discuss when everything is locked,” the acclaimed director concluded. Water is the key to the love tale in this dramatic narrative about numerous interactions, including a love story. It is a profoundly spiritual tale because water is essential to all religions.

Giving more information about the project, Kapur continued, “Flow… The Story of Water, the movie will also be shot in English. What’s Love Got to Do With It? is receiving fantastic reviews at festivals, including the most recent Rome Film Festival, and I am currently concentrating on its promotion. Excited about it, too.

Paani-Shekhar Kapoor

For those unfamiliar, Shekhar’s initiative first came to light following the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The late actor and Kapur were once preparing to work together on Paani. But the project was abandoned after Yash Raj Film (YRF) pulled out. Shekhar had made the Paani script available a short while after SSR’s passing.
“Shot 12 years ago,” Kapur captioned a BTS still in a tweet. A collection of numerous research images and photographs related to #Paani. The movie’s plot centers on a future city where the affluent control all the water. Utilize water as a tool for social and political control after that. It warns about what may occur if we are not vigilant.

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