She’s Got The Look And Trashion By Mood Indigo

Style Is Not Just A Display Of Clothes But An Expression Of Imagination !!!

And Mood Indigo gives a chance to express this imagination, creativity and art through TRASHION. As the name suggests, TRASHION is all about designing outfits and accessories from trash! Yeah! Trash is all that you can use to design your outfit! From newspapers and paper bags; to fabric strips and jute bags, the creativity is limitless. Apart from encouraging fashion and styling ideas, TRASHION focuses on the ecofriendly approach of recycling waste and creating artistic outfits from it, thus helping in developing ideas of beneficial usage of trash while walking hand in hand with the environment. TRASHION is a valuable approach towards Fashion and indeed might turn out to be the Future of Fashion! 

All the participating college students have to design their own outfits from trash and showcase the creativity by wearing them. The most creative and genuine outfits get amazing cash prizes and a chance to be featured on the official Mood Indigo Competitions Instagram Page.

She’s Got the Look, popularly known as SGTL is yet another competition for all the divas out there! The models come from different colleges around India as solo candidates. SGTL focuses on Beauty and Personality as the criteria for judging. The models are also asked to answer a question. The beauty of the models, the smartness of their answers and their overall impact determines the winner. The prizes for SGTL are pretty impressive! Along with the cash prizes, the top two participant models get a chance to win an international modelling contract by leading talent management firms and a Fashion Model Program. The winner also gets a professional portfolio shoot. All semifinalists get free training and grooming from professional choreographers and mentors. Performing at SGTL ensures a head start to one’s Fashion career and surely an edge over others.

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