Shilpa- Hina fight continues outside the Bigg Boss house, Shilpa reveals shocking facts about Hina Khan

Bigg Boss season 11 has come to an end but it looks like this season still has a long way to go. Shilpa Shinde has come out to be the winner of the show. This season, all the contestants who were a part of the show have been more entertaining, dramatic and controversial. That is one reason why even after getting out of the Bigg Boss house, all the contestants are still hogging the limelight. In these three months, almost all contestants managed to carve a special place for themselves in the hearts of the viewers, especially, winner Shilpa Shinde and runner-up Hina Khan, who had an unusual chemistry inside the house. They were always seen fighting and passing demeaning comments on each other.

However, the finale saw both the girls competing for the final win. Now that Shilpa Shinde is out of the show, she shared a couple of odd things in an interview. In a recent interview, she shared that Hina treated her like a servant. She said, “Hina was the meanest person on the show. She would be sweet only if she wanted something from you. If you confronted her about the comments she made, she would deny them outright. Hina treated me like a servant.”

She also shared that Hina always had a problem with her, some way or the other. Though she cooked food for everyone inside the house, she wasn’t appreciated. Shilpa also said that Hina was never appreciative of the work she did inside the Bigg Boss house. She said, “It’s not easy to cook for 20 people. If I made extra food, they would complain. If it fell short, it was again an issue. Hina squirm if the food was stale. Despite doing everything I could, she wasn’t appreciative.”


Well, if we look at Hina Khan’s journey on the show, we can’t deny the fact that she has been often making mean comments on her co-contestants on the show and even people outside. However, after coming out of the show, she is not rubbishing all the statements she gave on the show.


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