Our eternal beauty, Shilpa Shetty Kundra is enjoying her summer vacay away from the media glares in London. Scroll down to see all the pictures of  Kundra Family enjoying their family vacation!


Shilpa Shetty Kundra has always been an inspiration for all the working moms all over the world, on how to manage both work and family together. We often see her go out on dinners dates with Raj and she is known to plan the craziest birthday parties for son, Viaan. We remember how in an interview, the actress had clearly stated that her family has always been her first priority.


Shilpa and Raj make sure to post every bit of their daily lives on Instagram and right now also, they are giving their fans a digital tour of London. Recently, she shared a video wherein she was seen feeding bread to the ducks. Shilpa captioned the video as, “Was it the bread or me they were after? Okay, they’ve got huge pointed beaks (ok maybe not so pointed!) Doing what we usually do every summer with my son ..Feeding the ducks.. #Waltononthethames #londondiaries #feedingtheducks #brave #fun #familytime”. Take a look at the video and her fambam pictures below:



A few days ago, Shilpa visited Pain Shill Park which is a naturally formed crystal grotto. She wrote, “Nature at its best. At #painshillpark and amazed at this naturally formed crystal grotto. Extraordinarily exquisite formations.
A visual treat. Had to share it with you instafam.There’s beauty all around me #holidaymode #sightseeing #londondiaries #familytime #gratitude #surrey.”


Recently in an interview with the Bombay Times, Shilpa had talked about maintaining a balance between her films and her husband, Raj. She had stated, “I had been working since I was 17 and I got married at 32. I was ready for marriage. I wanted to have a baby, which is one of the key reasons to get married. I was eager to accept a new role in my life — that of a wife, a mother, and so on. I’m very middle-class in the way I function and think. I don’t regret the fact that I married at a time when I was doing really well in my career. Being a wife is a great role to play in life and I do that to the T, par mujhe apni pehchaan bhi chahiye thi. I didn’t want to be dependent on another person in any manner. I am a feminist in that sense, I want my space to make my choices. I remember I was shooting for a film called The Man with Sunny Deol. His dates were constantly getting shuffled. Raj (husband) gave me an ultimatum to get married or quit the relationship. I had to choose between The Man and my man.”

Shilpa had further shared, “I chose the latter. And guess what? Sunny eventually shelved the movie. Imagine, if I had made a different choice back then, I would have been sitting at a salon colouring my greys without my man (laughs!). Sometimes, you have to make a decision at the moment. I don’t live in the past or the future. I live for now. I had a chance to headline Eastenders (British TV series) and settle in London, but I was keen to begin a new phase of my life. I wanted to go on holidays, enjoy my time and find peace. When Raj proposed to me, it all felt right. And trust me, I am not a conventional thinker. I was okay with the idea of being in a live-in relationship and having a baby out of wedlock if my parents had permitted me to do it. But I made some conventional choices for the love of my mother and the respect that I have for the institution of marriage.”

In a throwback interview, the actress had talked about her decision to stop acting and had said, “It’s unfair to say that the girls haven’t lasted as much as the boys. Maybe they didn’t want to continue or other priorities took precedence. I try to stay relevant to whatever I’m doing by choosing interesting content. Whether it’s the big screen, small screen or even radio, it’s the content that drives me. It allows me to choose roles or do things that are different than the others.”


She had further added, “My family is my priority and I was very clear about that. I think that’s why I went on a sabbatical and films always took a back seat. With the erratic schedule, there are times when you have to spend days without meeting your child. But now since my son is more settled and grown up, I think I’m sorted on the family front which is why I feel that I can adjust with it now. Earlier, I knew that I had to give a break to films.”

Shilpa Shetty is having a gala time with her family, and we bet these pictures will make you want to go on vacation too. How did you like these pictures? Let us know in the comments section below.