Shilpa Shinde accused Arshi Khan of using her name for publicity after she…

By admin

February 16, 2018

Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan’s war is still on after the two are out of the Bigg Boss house. While the two were inside the Bigg Boss house, they shared a love-hate relationship. Initially, they were good friends and Arshi even went on to addressing Shilpa as her ‘Maa’, later everything changed. Later, Arshi Khan got closer to Hina Khan and started passing demeaning comments on Shilpa Shinde. She even used foul words for her during their stay inside the Bigg Boss house. However, when she was eliminated during evictions, she apologized for all that she did to Shilpa.

Now that they are out of the show, Arshi has been making a lot of statements related to Shilpa and we wonder why! Arshi Khan was recently found making a statement that Shilpa Shinde will never ever going to marry. However, Shilpa rubbished it saying that she never said that she will never ever marry. She also said that Arshi is a big liar.

Now once again, Arshi Khan has made a statement on Shilpa and this time she said that Shilpa very well knows how to play the victim card. Shilpa Shinde has got back to her again and said that Arshi should get over Bigg Boss now. She said, “We know what Arshi is all about. In the house, she used my name to get publicity. Even now, she is doing the same. For God’s sake, Bigg Boss 11 is over. Why is this woman still not getting past it?”

Bigg Boss season 11 is really over and we believe the two must understand this! The two have been making statements on each other since ever but when will this really get over? Only time will tell!