After Shilpa Shinde’s EX, Vikas Gupta’s EX to enter the Bigg Boss house

This season, Bigg Boss is surprising us every week. Be it the controversies or the tasks, everything has gone a level higher this time. Also, the contestants on the show this time are dropping to limits to win the final battle. However, the show makers are facing a lot of problems with the TRPs. Yes, as compared to the last seasons of the show, the show is getting the lowest TRPs this time. To work on the TRPs, the show makers are planning to bring in new wild card contestants.

Earlier, internet sensation Dhinchak Pooja was brought inside the Bigg Boss house, thinking that her popularity will help in enhancing the TRP of the show. However, it didn’t really work as she got evicted last week. Now earlier there were reports that Shilpa’s ex-boyfriend Romit has been approached for the show. In an interview, Romit cleared that he hasn’t been approached by the channel but if he is and offered a good amount then he will surely be a part of the show.

As per latest reports Vikas Gupta’s ex-boyfriend Parth Samthaan has been approached for the show. Earlier they were in news when Parth accused Vikas of molesting him. Vikas even shared some intimate photos of him and Parth to stop the rumours. Inside the Bigg Boss house, Vikas is having a bad time as Shilpa Shinde is insulting him continuously on the show and accusing him of spoiling her career.

With Parth entering the show, the makers were surely looking forward to better TRPs. However, Parth has refused the offer. Though he was getting a huge amount to be on the show, he has denied the offer saying that he wants to focus on his career and not get into such controversies.