Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde have been getting all the footage ever since they have entered the Bigg Boss house, thanks to their ugly fights. The two have been enemies since a long time now and when they saw each other under the same roof, nothing could stop them. We have been seeing this for a long time and have always been expecting this to go way further. However, who knew we would get to see a miracle like this one!

Shilpa was seen cheering for Vikas when he was inside the Sultaani Akhada against Priyank Sharma. Later, Shilpa was really upset when her co-contestants were trying to target her. She got under the dining table and started crying. Then, Vikas stopped her from crying and told her not to pay attention to anyone. He said that she is the strongest woman inside the Bigg Boss house and he wants to salute her for what she has done inside the house. Also, he promised her that he will never fight with her and he has always had immense respect for her.

Shilpa in return, hugged him and promised to not fight with him. Their patch-up has come as a shock to everyone and in today’s episode; we will get to see Akash’s reaction to their patch-up. He will be seen saying that it was all planned and that Shilpa and Vikas have fooled everyone to come this far. While the ‘Gharwalas’ have their own reactions, people outside are completely going mad over this new couple inside the house.
Twitteratis are going crazy over Shilpa and Vikas and have started posting message with hashtag ShiKas. Now that was really something we weren’t expecting! Here are some of the tweets:

Shivani Goel @shivigoelrocks
OMG Today #Vikas and #Shilpa… I find it very genuine under the Table… Thanku so much @BiggBoss for giving us a sweet and pure moment of #ShiKas
Hasan @HasanMalek786
I hope and pray #ShilpaShinde and #VikasGupta make up and put the past behind them. They could totally rock the TV industry and shut a lot of idiotic 2 faced people up. #Shikas all the way. #BiggBoss11 #BB11 @ColorsTV @BeingSalmanKhan
Sushil Rathi @SushilRathi4

#vikasgupta and #ShilpaShinde talking under the table. So pure and genuine. I am rooting for #shikas at my loudest. #vikas was, is and will remain my favorite forever. @lostboy54 #bb11 #BiggBoss11 #WeekendKaVaar
Mihrimah Ahmed @under_the_wraps
Shilpa-Vikas understand each other the best. They know exactly when the other one is feeling low even though the entire house has no clue about it. #ShiKas #BB11 #BiggBoss11
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