The most adorable looking couple of their times, Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai’s love banter was nothing less than an embedded mystery. The duo totally nailed Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam with their sizzling chemistry but also utterly shocked their fans with endless raging controversies which continued even after they parted ways. The former so-much-in-love couple does not even look at each other now and are both leading happy lives in their own world.

Amidst all the controversies surrounding Aish and Salman, no one really knows what exactly made the couple to call it a quit. Many sources quoted that Salman’s uncontrollable violent nature towards the beauty queen Aishwarya drew a line of separation between the two, which eventually left them split.

Aishwarya, who was in relationship with Sallu despite her father’s wish once opened up about the sensitive details of her relationship. She admitted that Salman’s abusive nature and violent activities and creating scenes at her workplace or outside her apartment, forced her to walk away for good.

The Dabangg Salman Khan also once accepted that he was rude and didn’t behave well with Aish’s father. “Aishwarya did not like my behaviour towards them just as I would not appreciate anybody misbehaving with my father. Aishwarya’s father is completely justified in complaining against me. I have nothing against him,” he once said in an interview.

“I stood by him enduring his alcoholic misbehavior in its worst phases and in turn I was at the receiving end of his abuse (verbal, physical and emotional), infidelity and indignity. That is why like any other self-respecting woman I ended my relationship with him,” the actress shared some long time back.

Well, in short, it was Salman’s over possessive and aggressive behavior along with lack of respect and etiquettes that made Aishwarya step back from this abusive relationship. Well, we are glad that Salman is now a better human being and Aish is doing well in her life with Abhishek Bachchan.

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