Bigg Boss 11 is undoubtedly the most dramatic season of all. From contestants’ fights to their makeups, we’ve seen it all. But what is coming next will definitely entertain you like never before.  This week Bigg Boss 11 is going to be a lot more than fights. In the upcoming luxury budget task, the female contestants of the house will rule the house. All the male contestants will be supposed to do everything that they are asked by the women contestants to do.

In an unseen video, Hina Khan was seen asking Puneesh Sharma to cover his head with a duppatta and Luv Tyagi to drape a saree. While Hina chose something easy for the male contestants to do, Arshi, on the other hand, took it to a next level. She asked co-contestants Vikas Gupta and Hiten Tejwani to rub lotion on her body and impress her by jumping into the pool.



Even though Arshi is one of the most controversial contestants in the house, there’s still no one in the house who can match her when it comes to entertainment. Ever since she has made an entry in the house, she has been creating a buzz on the internet. Recently she also admitted that she has hots for Vikas and Hiten and what could be a better opportunity than this for her to make things work in her favour.

Well, coming back to the next luxury budget task, this is exactly what is going to happen:

As the house is now left with three female contestants after Bandgi’s eviction on last “Weekend Ka Vaar”, each one of them gets assigned with two personal assistants who will have to follow their instructions. Hina feels disappointed when she gets Puneesh and Luv as his assistant and not Vikas from whom she wanted to take revenge by making his life difficult. And since she was left with no choice but rule Luv and Puneesh, she made the most of it by giving them a makeover. Shilpa, on the other hand, is assigned with Priyank and Akash as her assistants. Taking the task seriously, she made them clean the entire kitchen and even supervised if they were doing it the right way or not. She also demanded them to follow her around all the time.

Check out this video to get more clarity on this:

Isn’t it ridiculously hilarious? It seems that the male contestants are also taking the task in a very healthy manner instead of getting offended.

And the funniest part of this video is definitely the one where Arshi asks Hiten, “Mere baal piche karo”

Arshi undoubtedly is the most entertaining contestant of all!!

Now we are only wondering if she will be able to win the task against Shilpa and Hina or not?What do you have to say about the same? Who do you think will do well in the upcoming luxury budget task? Share your views in the comment section below and keep watching this space for more updates on Bigg Boss 11.

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