Shocking! This Bigg Boss contestant has won the first ticket to finale

Currently, all the contestants inside the Bigg Boss house are fighting for the ticket to finale. The show is almost about to end and with just six contestants left inside the house, the battle is getting tougher. In this task to win the ticket to the finale, all the contestants have the responsibility of their co-contestants inside the house and this is further making the task more entertaining.

During this task to win the final ticket, each contestant has to carry a bag of another co-contestant and ensure that the person who deserves the least to win the ticket to finale goes out of the task. Well, a couple of rounds have already been completed and soon two contestants will win the ticket to finale.

As per reports, the first contestant to win the ticket to finale is Puneesh Sharma. Yes, it may come as a shock to you but Puneesh has become the first finalist of the show. He was the only contestant who was seen performing the Mount BB task till the end. Seeing his performance inside the house, he has surely come a long way inside the house despite being a commoner.

In the nominations task, the housemates were asked to place themselves from 1st to 6th position with mutual consent. With this task, Puneesh and Akash got saved from nominations and all other contestants got nominated. However, the nominated contestants have no idea that the voting lines are closed for this week.

If the voting lines are closed this week, we wonder who all will enter the finale week and how! What do you think? Let us know!


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