Famous Assamese television actress who recently rose to national fame with her fleeting appearance in Jagga Jasoos’ Bihu song, Bidisha Bezbaruah allegedly committed suicide on Monday Morning by hanging herself by the neck with a dupatta in her Gurugram flat.
Bidisha’s father Ashwini Kumar Bezbaruah accused her husband Nisheeth of having an extra-marital affair which consequently provoked Bidisha to take the unfortunate step of committing suicide. Nisheeth has been taken into custody on the charges of abetment.
While speaking to local news channel, Bidisha’s father has made some shocking allegations at Nisheeth and his family. ” After 6 months of their marriage, they started having heated arguments,” Bidisha’s father revealed.


Ashwini Kumar Bezbaruah then accused his son-in-law of having an extra-marital affair with his ex girlfriend. “She found out that the person whom she loved and gpt married to, he used to have an affair with a girl before marriage. And even after marriage, he was maintaining the relationship secretly,” he said.
He then fired allegations against Nisheeth’s parents who allegedly used to ridicule Bidisha daily for being mentally incompetent. “The day when she ended her life, 2 hours prior to that she called me and said,”Dad, yesterday I told you about getting a divorce, you didn’t give attention to the topic.” I replied to her, “Look, I stand by what I told you yesterday. Divorce can’t be the solution to your problems.”
This is what Bidisha’s last call to his father sounded. The actress was evidently broken with her failed marriage and wanted to completely break all the ties. However, her father, like any quintessential parent didn’t want her to take any decision in haste. And she apparently took the social pressure too hard that she didn’t any other way out.
Only if she had an ear to listen to her and shoulder to lean on! This life of an extremely talented young girl could have been saved.

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