Shocking Facts About Sonam Kapoor; Has Worked As A Waitress For Extra Pocket Money

Sonam Kapoor who has won our hearts with her fashion sense is truly an inspiring woman. She always speaks up her viewpoint and never shies away. She supports feminism and bonds with almost every actor and actress in Bollywood. You all feel like you know all about her but some facts are still untold. Here are some interesting and unknown facts about the diva that’ll blow your mind.

  • Even though she’s a star kid, Sonam had her own share of struggles with pocket money. The actor had zero inhibitions and worked as a waitress for some time to supplement her monthly income.
  • Sonam’s a style icon, and it’s a no brainer that she keeps herself updated about the latest trends in the fashion industry. But not everyone knows that Sonam is a voracious reader, and pretty aware of current affairs and national politics.
  • Sonam started her Bollywood career as an Assistant Director in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie Black. And you know what, the director convinced her for 1.5 years to debut as an actor in the industry.
  • Before facing the camera for her first film Saawariya, Sonam lost around 30 kilos to get that hot bod she has today. Whoa!
  • Sonam Kapoor is extremely fit now. However, there was a time when she was not fit. Her ex-boyfriend made some unpleasant comments about her weight and she had to call off her relationship.
  • Sonam has immense love for dance. She loves showing her dancing skills. Moreover, you won’t believe, she is trained in the classical form of dancing.
  • Sonam is a real foodie. It is hard for Sonam to resist the impulse of delicious food. She eats all the time but she doesn’t overlook her fitness. She manages it.
  • We all know Arjun Kapoor is her first cousin and the duo is pretty close to each other. But did you know, Ranveer Singh is also her cousin, from her mother’s side.
  • The Diva is very fond of perfumes. Also, she is very particular about perfumes, and her favourite fragrances include Chanel No. 5, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique and ​Michael by Michael Kors. ​

Did you knew this at all?


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