Whiz Mahesh Babu’s significant other  Namrata Shirodkar might be a fashionista and socialite, however she additionally has a profound otherworldly side to her. As of late, Namrata offering petitions to Lord Vinayaka on Vinayaka Chavithi sprinkled on the web.

Today, Namrata went a step higher when she went to Tirupati and offered petitions to Lord Balaji alongside her child Gautham and little girl Sitara. Namrata at that point tonsured(shaved) her head at Kalyana Katta and offered her hair to the Lord.


Exactly when fans saw her and endeavored to click her their cell phones, Namrata concealed her shaved head with her dupatta and made a fast exit from the sanctuary premises. Be that as it may, a couple of pictures made their way to the web.


Well known chief Meher Ramesh, who as of late coordinated Mahesh Babu in RamaKrishna Venezia land advertisement, was likewise present alongside Namrata and children.

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