After all the rumours of Luv Tyagi getting eliminated this week.  There’s another one, which is shocking!! According to many reports, it is Hiten Tejwani who will be leaving the house this weekend. This week it was Hiten, Luv, Shilpa and Priyank, who were in the nominated list.

Where everyone else was expecting Luv to leave the house, this comes to a great shock!! There is no doubt in the fact that this week even Luv has improved his game a lot, and impressed many viewers in the luxury budget task.

Even though in many polling sections (done on twitter), it was always Luv who got least votes. But seems like things are little different now!!

Hiten was one such celebrity contestant who has been same inside out throughout the show!! He has proved it that Bigg Boss is not only a game for the loud and attention seekers. As he has constantly played the game with his calm and composed style.

Hiten has been a constant in the show, who has won many hearts for his naturally flawless personality. He has always managed to stay away from all the controversies and fights going on in the house, whereas he has only tried to calm the situation of the house.

One thing is for clear that Vikas is surely going to miss him!! As the two were sharing a great bond in the house.

Hiten or Luv? We still cannot wait to see who will be leaving the house. As all the contestants are equally eager to win the BB11 trophy. So, lets see who will stay in the house and who will leave?

The final result is yet to come, let’s just wait to see who gets eliminated this week!!

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