Ever since Salman and Iulia’s video from the family holiday in Maldives has gone viral, a lot has been said about the two. Earlier also there were a lot of rumours doing rounds of their relationship. Salman and Iulia have always been silent about their relationship.

But now Iulia has opened up on her relationship with Salman. In a recent interview, Iulia shared, “It should be private, but I see you asking me (questions on it) anyway. I understand the curiosity and am used to it (being written about). Everybody (journalists) has to do their job, but many a times, things are created just for the sake of it.”


She also talked about the Khan family. She said, “You never know what you find, where and how you find it. That’s the beauty of life. What do I say? The Khan family is so beautiful. I really admire them; they are united and welcoming. Their doors are always open for everyone.”

Well, we are waiting for the day when Iulia and Salman share the truth with us! 

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