Kanika Kapoor has been tested positive for Coronavirus third time in a row. And yesterday, we heard the shocking news of Prince Charles of England catching the virus. Kanika Kapoor is blamed for getting in touch with many people and hiding her travel history. She contacted many politicians and was blames for various other reasons. Now that Prince Charles has been confirmed Coronavirus positive, there are some pictures of Prince Charles meeting and greeting Kanika Kapoor. So, they are blaming her to be the carrier and spreading the virus. But let’s know the truth.

A lot of people flooded social media with memes that blamed Kanika. However, a little fact check and Google research and we found out that NO, those pictures of Kanika Kapoor greeting Prince Charles aren’t latest but from the year 2015 and 2018. Reportedly, the singer (while in an orange dress) was there to perform at the fundraiser Elephant Family charity function, which was organised by the royal family. During the same, Kanika had bumped into Prince Charles and they even exchanged a few pleasantries.

Another picture of Kanika Kapoor, in a golden dress, where she is posing alongside Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, is apparently from the year 2018. She was invited to the palace for a lavish gala party organised by the Royals to mark British Asian Trust’s 10th anniversary.

Check out some of the false claims below: