It’s sad to hear breakup news every now and then. And when we talk about celebrities it’s quite a disheartening trend which is blooming day by day. One after another our favorite celebs making headlines with their shocking breakups and now one more famous actress of Telly land got added to the list of celebrity breakups. According to a news report, Additi Gupta the fame of Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil  and Rizwan Bachav have parted ways. This couple broke-up after dating for two years.


 Here’s what the source has to say about their relationship:

“Additi and Rizwan have known each other for more than five years now. Rizwan, who has been friends with Ekta Kapoor, found the love of his life in Ekta’s find, Additi. With passing of time, their bond grew stronger and they realized that they are made for each other. But now, all seems to be over, as they have parted ways.”

This is not the only shock we have got, if reports are to believed Additi has found love in her ‘Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil’ actor Laksh Lalwani. Here’s what their source stated:

“Additi and Laksh have a strong bond, which is very much visible. They are always spotted together on the set, and prefer to spend quality time with each other.”

If you remember, Laksh is the same guy who was also linked up with Rashami Desai sometime back. When Laksh was approached to ask about the ongoing buzz in the town he straightaway dismissed them. Here’s what Laksh stated in the interview:

article-20172409463435194000“I find it really funny when I get linked with girls. Earlier it was Rashami leaving home for me. And now, it is Additi leaving Rizwan for me. I do not connect with it. Presently, I am focussing on my work and that’s about it.”

Well whatever the reason is breakup news is always saddening whether it is taking place in a common couple’s life of celebrity couple’s life.

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