The Bigg Boss 11 has already considered the most controversial seasons of all time. The contestants are playing different types of tactics to be in the grand finale. In an unseen and uncut video of Bigg Boss 11 on VOOT, we saw very surprisingly Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma, the only true supporter on Hina Khan in the house talking not so good things about her. Previously Hina Khan indirectly told Priyank and Luv that she is way more powerful than them as she gotta a strong fan-base outside the house who’ll support her, vote for her no matter what. Let’s discuss the incident in which Hina showed her confident saying what she will do after Luv and Priyank leave the house.

In an extra-dose episode, Luv and Priyank were talking to each other in the garden area about Hina. They were discussing that Hina Khan doesn’t like it whenever Bigg Boss host Salman appreciates Shilpa Shinde. Priyank agreed to this and replied by saying that Hina is insecure of Shilpa, which is quite evident. Some of the fans really wanted to see that finally Priyank and Luv are able to understand the real face of Hina. What makes the audience shock was in an unseen video delivered on Voot Priyank was seen showing his middle finger to Hina Khan.

WAIT A MINUTE! Before all Hina shipper attacks us or on Priyank Sharma we would like to clear the statement.

Priyank Sharma didn’t show the middle finger to Hina Khan intentionally. The scenario was something like this: Priyank, Hina, Vikas Gupta, Luv, Akash Dadlani and Arshi Khan all were in the bedroom where Priyank secretly asked Hina Khan for muesli, to this Hina Khan replied in sign language indicating that she’ll give it to him later. The mistake was done here by Priyank instead of showing his thumbs-up he showed his middle finger to Hina. He explained her later that it was a sudden mistake after she demanded her for an explanation.

Later Vikas too joined them and tried to instigate Hina in a humorous way saying that Priyank does not respect her. Arshi also joined the moment and everyone started hitting Priyank with the pillow.

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