Shocking! Rakesh Roshan Reveals How He Prepared His Son For Life’s Challenges Before Launching Him In Bollywood

Rakesh Roshan turned a year older today September 6. The famous filmmaker-director has given many hits in Bollywood including Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Krrish series, and many more. In an old interview, Rakesh spoke his heart out and revealed that he was a strict father to his son Hrithik Roshan.

He said that since he failed as an actor, he wanted his son to live his dream. He even admitted that Hrithik has done things in life that he could never do. He admitted that his son is a superstar. The proud father even said that his son Hrithik is idolized by many across the world and he always makes him proud. Rakesh said that Hrithik had to face many ups and downs in his career and felt that this is how he would learn from his mistakes.

Did you know, that Rakesh made his son travel by taxi, auto, and bus? Yes, after Hrithik finished college, Rakesh took him on various means of transport. Rakesh said that Hrithik worked with him in Karan Arjun and was not allowed to travel in luxury cars. Hrithik used to eat breakfast with other assistants and he shared a room with three others.

Rakesh said, “We would be having breakfast on the same table at home, but on the set, he was not my son, but just another assistant. He would have to share a room with three other people and have food with them. That’s the way I thought he would learn much better.”

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