Those days are gone when trailer were enough to pull an audience into theatres. Now bollywood has changed everything about promotions. When it comes to promote a movie celebrities can be seen in various places or various tv shows to promote their movie. Today’s world is full of competiton, one has to be extremely unique and stand out in doing that too. And according to us, these guys have totally nailed it.

  1. Tapsee Pannu seen crashing a wedding

Tapsee Pannu gate-crashed a real life sangeet ceremony to promote her upcmomg movie Running IANS released a statement of the actress. “I was so thrilled and slightly nervous to execute this idea. Nothing can be more special to play the first song of our film in a ‘real shaadi’. I took the risk of gatecrashing the sangeet ceremony and to my surprise, the guests there welcomed me with equal enthusiasm,” said a nervous (but thrilled) Pannu.

The actress even shot a music video with the surprised wedding guests. Call it crazy, but we think it’s absolutely genius!


Varun Dhawan and Parineeti Chopra were seen on an ATV in Mumbai

While trying to promote their his fil Dishoom, Varun Dhawan took Parineeti on his ATV and seen rode across the town to the song launch of janemann Ahh. The actors were seen casually zipping down the streets of Mumbai and it kinda blew our minds.

  1. John Abraham seen in a Rikshaw

While his co-star Varun Dhawan and Parieeti Chopra were seen on an ATV, John Abraham took an auto rikshaw to reach the theatre in Mumbai to watch his film with  fans.3445128d66aeb2dc2adc6d2ec09cf4cfThe 4. Entire Team Of Housefull 3 Carpooled To Every Promotional Event

When it comes to Akshay Kumar, he is very genious to promote his movie. At the time of Housefull 3 promotions Akshay developed a great idea to promote Housefull 3. The entire cast of the movie hired a mini bus so they could travel to all the promotional event together. On the way, they posted selfies, made Dubsmash videos…the works! One particular face swap with Jacqueline Fernandez and Akshay Kumar on Snapchat even went viral.

Vidya Balan Went Behind Bars

To promote her recent release Kahaani 2, Vidya Balan did everything she could to make the promotions look unique and interesting. She agreed to be handcuffed inside a jail for the promotional interviews for her film. She even did a proper photoshoot behind bars. For other promotional events, Balan was dragged by people disguised as police officers from her car to the location of the promotion. If that didn’t make you want to actually watch the film, we don’t know what else could’ve!18e996d6380602694773f6d4b7b409e4 

Ranveer Singh Danced Like No One’s Watching On The Streets On Bombay

And an all-time favourite, Hrithik Roshan gave Ranveer Singh the #BangBangChallenge to go out on the streets and pose. But Ranveer amped things up as usual. He dressed up as Krishh and danced on Roshan’s hit song Main Aisa Kyun Hoon in the middle of the streets in Bandra, Mumbai. The cop on the road was clearly not amused, but everyone else present were in happy shock.

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