Remember sony’s popular TV show ‘Yeh Meri Life Hai’ leading actress Shama Sikander fight with bipolar disorder and coming out as a winner will make you stand up and applaud for her.


In an interview to a leading publication, Shama Said, “I started finding conversations boring. I didn’t want to meet anyone and stopped liking myself. Everybody I met during that phase was bored of life. My career and love life added to the stress. I wasn’t eating or looking right. This can’t be overnight; I am sure it must have been accumulating since several years.”


It was her ex, Alexx O’Neil, who first realised that she needed medical intervention. Shama recalls, “Alexx, who has a degree in Psychology, suspected that I had bipolar disorder and advised me to consult a doctor. But at that time, I didn’t want to get cured; I just wanted to give up. Though my life was going great, I was bored of it; nothing would impress or excite me. I even tried to commit suicide one night. I kissed my mother good night and told her not to wake me up. After that, I swallowed several sleeping pills at one go. Just before slipping away, I texted my brother my bank account details, which made him panic. He immediately called my mother to check on me and I was rushed to the hospital three hours later.”
She adds, “I was angry with my family for saving me. I wanted to go and return as a new person. I didn’t see death as the end; rather, it was the beginning of a new life. I didn’t know that a rebirth was possible in the same life. But slowly, my soul awakened and I realised that it was a spiritual calling.”

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