After last week’s dramatic eviction of Priyanka Jagga following a tussle with Salman Khan, the drama is in no mood to leave the bigg boss house. All credits to Swami Om ji. In this week’s task, Om Swami scuffled with almost every housemate, abused Bigg Boss and even stripped himself on the national television.

rohan-swami-759What will happen in today’s episode is yet another shocking thing to happen, in the history of Bigg Boss. This is what is going to happen. While Manveer and Rohan Mehra fight for the captaincy task, Om Swami keeps on getting in between and disrupts the tasks. He even urges bigg boss to disqualify both Manveer and Rohan from the captaincy race, and rather make him the captain. But as expected, bigg boss doesn’t reply to his this plea. But as goes on the rant to disrupt the task, he keeps on disturbing Rohan Mehra and leave no chance to fail him. After tolerating Om Swami’s shit for quite a time, Rohan loses his cool and ends up slapping Om Swami.

Om Swami started crying aloud and demanded to throw Rohan out of the house, as he broke an important house rule. Following this incident, Bigg Boss has decided to nominate Rohan for the entire season as a punishment.

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